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“We are running out of time.”

The UN is sounding ‘alarm bells’ on climate change  (via bobbycaputo)

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Any help is appreciated. Thank you guys for taking the time to look. 

Yo guys my BFF is trying to move out of her home into a better living situation. PLEASE COMMISSION HER AND HELP HER OUT. Any little amount would do wonders.  

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Inkydeals sent an emails saying this is the last day to take this bundle, in case you’re wonder, you still can use the discount code: ultimate50

Ultimate Design Library: Gigabytes of Templates (Last hours).

This bundle is full of very useful sources for a graphic designer: fonts, logo templates, typographic templates, illustrations, vectores, textures and even video tutorials, and much more.

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The discount code is: ultimate50

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and.. your welcome :)

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This is gonna be a good life it is

It’s gonna be a good life it is.

  • ***Flawless ft. Nicki Minaj
***Flawless ft. Nicki Minaj by Beyoncé


Beyoncé & Nicki Minaj - ***Flawless


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Cosmic GIFs Remind Us We’re All Made of Stars

One of famed astronomer Carl Sagan’s most powerful sayings was, “we are made of star stuff.” He was referring to the fact that the basic elements making up everything on our planet, including we humans, were forged in the bellies of ancient stars.

This notion of connectivity is the basis for photographer Ignacio Torres’s series of GIFs titled Stellar. Through four-frame animations, which show humans twirling among their own little clusters of stars and galaxies, Torres aims to express our ineffable link to the cosmos.

“I think people immediately grasp it, the concept of being made from stars,” says Torres. “I chose to conceal the subjects’ faces so people kind of see themselves in the imagery.”

The project is a simple expression of a vast and humbling thought. Early stars burning many billions of years ago acted as giant furnaces that fused atoms together to form heavier elements, like helium and carbon. These elements were ejected into the universe when the stars inevitably collapsed and exploded, eventually coalescing into the basic matter that now makes up our bodies and every thing around us. It’s a reminder that we’re all part of the same cosmic lineage.

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