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What, Matters?

He won’t always love me no matter what, but no matter what is nothing without the hearts of those we care for, so what is the matter?

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“We are running out of time.”

The UN is sounding ‘alarm bells’ on climate change  (via bobbycaputo)

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Any help is appreciated. Thank you guys for taking the time to look. 

Yo guys my BFF is trying to move out of her home into a better living situation. PLEASE COMMISSION HER AND HELP HER OUT. Any little amount would do wonders.  

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Inkydeals sent an emails saying this is the last day to take this bundle, in case you’re wonder, you still can use the discount code: ultimate50

Ultimate Design Library: Gigabytes of Templates (Last hours).

This bundle is full of very useful sources for a graphic designer: fonts, logo templates, typographic templates, illustrations, vectores, textures and even video tutorials, and much more.

The bundle already have a huge discount over 99% on all the resources, but if you want to get it even cheaper, for this last hours we manage to get a discount count exclusively for our community: You can have a discount of 50% off over the top. Yeah  50% off OVER the 99% off of the bundle. Meaning you can get for $29.50.

The discount code is: ultimate50

You can use it here:

and.. your welcome :)

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